Thursday, October 30, 2003

All is well here for now :) Just counting down the days....
Abby had a great report card... she is in the high end of her class.... so that was great!!! She is all excited about tomorrow... her daddy is taking her out trick or treating.... and I am having lunch with her at school tomorrow....
My sister is turning 40 this Saturday so I am working on planning a little party for her. Any ideas?
Well that is about it.... Take Care!!! I am thinking about all my internet friends!!!! Hugs

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Hello.... Thought I would pop in for an update....
I am now 33 weeks pregnant.... but I feel like I am 66 weeks..... is that possible? HaHa
I am spending a lot of time on bedrest.... I am still going in twice a week for the nonstress tests and that is going ok.... and once a week for my regular check up and that is going ok.... but now I am having contractions..... and the only way I don't have them is if I stay laying down..... so I guess I lay down a lot but I am already tired of it.....
Good News though,,,, we have secheduled the c-section for Nov 26th. The day before Thanksgiving.... I am excited. Abby will be off of school so she can stay with my mom and I won't have to worry about her missing school.... I just hope she doesn't insist on coming sooner.....

How about my Chiefs???? They are doing excellant!!! I am soooo happy about that! It makes laying in bed not so bad when they kick butt.....

Everyone have a good week!!!!

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Hello.... Oh my word... I can't believe how long it has been since I have blogged. But it has been rough lately. Let's see.... where to begin????

Abby.... Well she has gotten started in kindergarten and she just loves it.... even though she has already missed so much school. First she had a bug and missed just one day then she had some misquito bites that swelled up really bad and where bothering her and I freaked over them and kept her home one day and then this last week she came down with a viral bug and ran a fever for 3 1/2 days. But beside from that she is doing great and is loving it.... and I have to say I am doing a little better over it. I will admit that it upset me with her leaving to go more than I ever dreamed it would. But thanks to some help from some medication I can now get through a day without her without crying. It was that bad..... lol.... aren't I pathetic? We will blame it on the pregnancy and hormones.

Onto the pregnancy..... I haven't been doing good. The baby is ok. Or atleast she better be. But she is.... I on the other hand need lots of prayer please. I have that gestational diabeties (sp?) and I am already having to fight with my blood pressure. SO now I have to go see my dr once a week and I have to go to the hospital twice a week to do a non-stress test until the baby is born.... and I just can't do anything with out losing my breath and my heart racing and my blood pressure going up. Ugh..... and I am only 31 weeks along. But thank the Lord that the baby is doing good. She is very large.... And I mean very large!!!!!!!! She is already four pounds. And I just feel like I will bust.

But now that I am close to being on bed rest I am home more and not crying over Abby as much maybe I can have some computer time.....

Take Care and I miss everyone :) Hugs

Monday, August 04, 2003

Hello... Well I feel pretty proud of myself right now. I worked in Abby's room all morning and it looks great!!! The only problem is I took a lot of the toys out and stacked them in the middle of the baby's room and now the baby's room is a mess. But Abby's room is wonderful. I think I will wait til school starts in a couple weeks and then I will go through the toys and decide which ones to put back and which ones to pack away and what to throw away... LOL... But don't feel sorry for her. Her room is still full and she still has more stuff in it I am sure than the average kid. I have no idea where it all comes from. sigh.....
We had a nice weekend. Abby did good at her VBS program Friday night. After two weeks of VBS everyday I have to admit I am glad it is over.... now starts the coutdown to the first day of school. I got her enrolled last Friday and I survived that. School starts Aug 20th. And she will go from 8:40 - 3:30 so she won't have to get up as early as I thought..... which means I won't have to get up as early as I thought!!!!!!
Have a good afternoon :) Hugs

Friday, August 01, 2003

Wow... What a long week this was. But we survived. Abby had a blast at VBS.
Ready for a quiet week.
I had another pre-natal check up this week. Everything went great. Good heartbeat... and she is moving a lot. I don't go back for another four weeks and then my dr said we would look at scheduling another ultra sound.... but I know she is a she....

Have a great weekend!!!! Hugs

Monday, July 28, 2003

Well It is Monday!!! And a new week of VBS for our household. Abby loved last week. We went to her program last night and we where sooooo proud!!! She sung out loud and did great!!!! Now this week it is at our church and I have a job to actually do so we'll see how this week goes.... I am not doing much. I am working the registration table... which was kinda funny.... I told the leader that she could give me a job to do as long as it didn't involve kids..... she laughed. But I still don't handle kids well.... guess I just need to face it. haha
Well I talked to one of our friends... he is still pretty upset.... as I would be too. But I can't get a hold of her. I will keep trying because I love her and even though I think she has lost her mind I will always be here to help her and her daughter anyway I can. And so would Robert!!! We love them all. So please someone be praying for me that she will accept my call one of these days!!!
Have a good afternoon!!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2003

Hello... Well Abby is off to her last day of VBS today. She made it everyday this week even though she never wanted to get up in the mornings. She will have a program Sunday night. That will be fun. My parents and Robert and I will go see it. And then we have VBS at our new church next week. But this one is in the evening so she will like that part.
My heart is extremely broken. And I just feel helpless. We got a call from our closet friend last night. Robert has always been close with the husband and Abby with their daughter and myself with the wife. We met in 95 at our old church in Boonville then they moved and we have always remainded close. (or atleast I thought so) but we got a call last night from the husband letting us know that she has moved out and filed for divorce and moved into an apartment with their daughter. I just am at a loss. I know she has been avoding me and not returning my calls and she even skipped Abby's birthday last month which was so unlike her. Apparently there is another man and I am just shocked. She is a spirit-filled christian and has always put the Lord first in her life for as long as I have known her. I just don't know what to do. I keep praying and praying. I know she doesn't want to hear from me.... she has made that more than obvious so what do I do? I feel like my hands are tied. So I will continue to pray and leave it in the Lord's hands.... I know He will use me in this if He can. And we will definatly be here for all of them. It really hurts on many levels....
Well I guess that is enough for today. Have a great weekend!!! Hugs

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